About enanthema subitum is actually not so terrible.

Enanthema subitum also known as Baby Rose rash, fever rash, rash, Chinese medicine called milk pseudopunctate. Human herpes simplex virus type 6 induced infantile exanthematous fever, usually through the human respiratory tract with a spit spread, is a common disease in early childhood.
Exanthema subitum
General exanthema subitum may last 3-5 days of high fever, some may have respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms before eruption, such as pharyngitis, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and neck lymph node generally increased. General fever in 3 ~ 5 days, heat dropped suddenly, within 24 hours, the temperature will drop to normal, with a drop in body temperature and other symptoms improved, high fever and rash or back.
The seer rash on the neck and torso, and soon spread all over the body, waist and hips are below the knee and facial rash less, with much less center around the centripetal rash as the main features. The rash will disappear within 2-3 days, without pigmentation and no peeling. During this process, there will be enlarged lymph nodes in the ear and occiput, which will subside in a few weeks after the fever. To assist in the routine inspection, the incidence of first ~ 2 days, white blood cell count can be increased, but after the rash is markedly decreased, while lymphocyte count increased up to 90% or more.
In a rash of exanthema subitum before the diagnosis is difficult, easily misdiagnosed as upper respiratory tract infection or indigestion, few complications, high fever can take fever medicine, symptomatic treatment to prevent the occurrence of convulsions, vomiting, pharyngeal congestion, pay attention to the water and rest. When the rash goes back, the disease is healed. The parents need not take the baby to the hospital to see the rash because they don’t need special treatment.

Chinese parents, please continue to poison your children with picture books

The role of picture books is greatly exaggerated, and many picture books satisfy the reality of parents’ eyes.
Picture books originated in the West and were born in Europe and America in the second half of the nineteenth Century. In Asia, picture books are better developed in countries and regions including Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Taiwan China book roughly started from late 1960s to 80s, after getting better.
In China, the development of picture books is only a short thirty or forty year history. When parents see a new thing, they will blindly pursue it. They think this kind of thing will bring new experiences and breakthroughs to children.
In fact, in a foreign country, but not as hot as the domestic picture book, because the time after detection, foreign parents know how big picture meaning how, it is a primer for early infant education only, and not as China such over emphasis on the role of picture books. Foreign children attach great importance to the expansion of knowledge, such as encyclopedia books, news knowledge, history, geography knowledge and so on, these books, for children, is to broaden the horizons and cultivate rational thinking.
And what about picture books? It’s a combination of pictures and words, and very few words. This type of text is few and basically repetitive. For example, “guess how much I love you”, this book is a classic, but when you go, in fact, it is only a very short story. Its language is stressed, the story was repeated, this is the picture book writing skills, when you read, read is a real stone, and the picture itself, when you finish, it really leave you much impression?
In a word, picture books are an introduction to children’s interest in reading. And picture books are stories, reading, is to train children’s perceptual thinking, we need to train children’s rational thinking, to develop their exploration of job hunting spirit, so should choose some knowledge books to read.
Before the ice wave teacher said, “some people think they should read picture books at any time. I’ve been against it.”. Some people even said, not what harm, rather than a bad thing, it is more mischievous.”
Some time ago, he chatted with a very famous writer of children’s literature in China, and he pointed out that the picture books were not normal in the past two years. Because the picture promotion is very convenient, less language, without any professional experience of the people are basically can be extended, there are some open picture book shop mother, some WeChat public number of hosts, like Kay and story telling uncle is also telling the story, this is not what, need professional knowledge, only need a good eloquence, can. What’s more, telling pictures and training picture books can make reading, promotion, picture galleries and personal brands work, so most people are involved in picture books.
This is wrong.
What are the books that are now abroad? Not only is the book when China do picture books, foreign books, began to do high-end stereo touch books, AR technology books, read books, wall and other forms of books, these books can stimulate the child’s tactile feel, such as the use of AR technology, can make the extinction of dinosaurs and other creatures like this again we love watching 3D
Movies, because 3D movies can give us more direct sensory stimulation! Therefore, these new forms of foreign books, will also be our future direction of development, far more than simple repetition of text and graphic pictures of books can stimulate children’s interest.
In addition, Chinese parents like to pick Chinese pictures with strong Chinese style or strange style, and Chinese Editors especially like to pursue individuality, which seems to reflect their editorial standards of beauty.
For example, the “bright stone lion” bear “and Mei Zihan’s” Kitchen God, “sparrow” and so on, the picture of the abstract, and the characters of odd shape, for a certain aesthetic pursuit of personality to parents, this is to cater to their tastes, but for children aged 0-6, vivid, rich colors the picture can trigger the visual experience and interest in reading them, not to an aesthetic, to choose picture books for children, or let the children picture book will generate resentment.
Finally, I wish parents in China can develop independent children instead of mechanical children in your own mind.

Indeed, frowning is a disgrace to your faith

Christian! Don’t hang out your worries on your face, frown, for that is what you believe in. Come and cast your burden upon the lord! All your weight is nothing to your father. When you feel is a crushing burden, and in him is like the balance of some micro dust. “Quietly rest in God, but God knows nothing.” What a sweet thing it is!
The suffering child! Keep your patience, and God does not let go of you. And the God that feeds the sparrow will give it to you in time according to your need. Don’t be disappointed to sit, have hope, hope forever. Lift up your weapon of faith against the sea of bitterness, and your attack will put an end to your suffering. You know there is a care for you, his eyes looked at you, his heart full of compassion for your evil, his mighty hand will help you at any time. The rain will disperse the dark clouds of mercy. When the morning comes, the gloom will retreat. You belong to God and he will cover your wounds and heal your broken hearts.
Do not doubt the grace of God for your disaster; believe in the love of you in tribulation as in love. If you take refuge in God completely, you must live a quiet and peaceful life! Elijah only point on the altar of a face and a bottle of oil through the famine, you can also.
If God cares for you, you still worry about what? If you can entrust your soul to him, can not you commit your flesh to him? He will never carry your burden, and their weight will never overpower him. Come and deliver your worries into the hands of a god of kindness! Because worry can only cause pain, but it can not solve the problem.”

How terrible is prejudice? About constellations, regions, looks, status

How terrible is prejudice? I think the terrible thing about it is that everyone’s prejudices are often not his own prejudices, but the prejudices of society as a whole. – Uncle ugly!
In my opinion, the most biased of all is the constellation bias, such as Aries without brain, virgin forcing, the lion’s aura, striker’s heart……
And the most biased of all the constellations is my big taurus.
The most annoying is that this tag always with you, no matter how to explain, no matter how too generous, people still like the same buckle feces pots smashed it on your face.
When I first came to Beijing, I used to go hiking and photography with some of my friends. It was a weekend from morning till night.
On a more routine trip, a sudden drop of rain, we are afraid of equipment failure, simply hiding in a pavilion, waiting for the rain stopped.
Businessmen in tourist areas, like vagrants with wooden chests, usually have what tourists want, and they can often kill you because of the imbalance between supply and demand.
Less than 10 minutes, kiosk on the edge of the emergence of an umbrella seller sold raincoats aunt, while stall while talking: hurry to the next area don’t panic spread, small umbrella rain clothes to buy.
This humble aunt appearance, let us a few people had a dispute. I think we should buy one, or we can’t make any delay today, but on the other side, even if we bought it, the camera wouldn’t take it out, so we might as well wait for the rain to stop. The other four or five belong to the former, and I belong with the other.
In order to let the minority obey the majority, the opposite side tried every means, but all failed to persuade both of us until someone said: “ugly brother, do you think the umbrella is expensive?”!” Then, there are people echo: “Oh, he taurus.”
For a moment, as if all of the stranger’s eyes to you, and these people have become Avalokitesvara, with fingers poking your spine: look, look, he is a Taurus, he thought your umbrella has been hiding in the pavilion.
God, the whole thing is bad. That was the first time I knew how much I had to bear when I was a taurus.
I do have my concerns, afraid of tens of thousands of SLR and lens water, but that umbrella how much money, really do not even ask. Can you Taurus ah, your back clearly on the back of the mouth of a huge pot, it has carved a gigantic word, said: pull.

Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream

These days, the temperature in Zhejiang is above 40 degrees, people have to hide in the air-conditioned room, or looking for cool place summer. However, there are a group of people, dressed in heavy armour, in the hot sun, repeating the same movements repeatedly. They are actors who insist on filming during the heat. This trip, I came to Zhejiang town of Xiangshan, occasional filming crew, let me filled with a thousand regrets. It seems that these screen fame actors in the ordinary people, in fact, the bitterness behind only they know, especially those in group play, they do the most bitter life, is holding the minimum wage, they are really green.
Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream
It was filmed in Zhejiang, Xiangshan in 2017.
Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream
Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream
Xiangshan Town, Xiangshan county is located in Zhejiang city of Ningbo Province, with lingyanshan as the background, combined with the mountains, rocks, caves, water, forest and other natural landscape, local culture and tourism, film and television entertainment. Here photographed “Nirvana in Fire” “Mi month biography” “III. ten peach” and more than 500 video works.
Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream
Walk in the scenic area, you will often encounter the shooting crew, and sometimes you encounter the shooting crew may be the next hit drama. If you’re lucky, you can still see stars and have a chance to reach out to them.
Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream
This time, I met in the city of Xiangshan film and television city of Xiangyang, is shooting by Wang Dalu, Li Qin and other major TV series “wolf his highness.”. This should be a costume drama, hot weather, the actors wearing costumes, wearing a hat, looked at me feel sweating.
Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream
Outside the whole armed actors riding horses on standby. It is said that shoot these scenes will spend time in comparison, the director did not said the case, the actors need to always wear an outfit, regardless of wind and rain or sun exposure. But they seem to have gotten used to it too. They talk and laugh in their spare time, and they are in good shape.
Holding the low salary in the scorching sun is only because of the actor’s dream
The whole team has gone back and forth several times for the group. He rode in the final should be played is like the emperor, the actor looked very familiar, is an old play bone, should be one of the starring in the play. But it will also be dressed in thick clothing, performing in the hot sun, and praise for them.

India on the border, several cars, several soldiers blocked the construction of China border

India in the border, a few cars, several soldiers blocked the construction of the Chinese border?
“India in 1962 since the longest confrontation”, “India express” says 3 days, India and China military confrontation in the hole Lang area has nearly a month, the two sides have more troops, the Indian Army soldiers “muzzle down into non combat mode”. “India express” said that the confrontation between the Chang Shan region has exceeded the 2013, China and India in the eastern part of the border line stalemate 21 days of “tent confrontation”, became the most serious event after the border war in 1962.
In this regard, the air force general, Air Force Command College before the vice president general Zhu Heping told the white news, the confrontation does not belong to the most serious India in the history of confrontation, there are a lot of Indian history on the border dispute, has not been calm. Now, the response of the parties in India is strong, mainly because China’s comprehensive strength has become stronger, and China’s energy, transportation and infrastructure in Zangnan have great construction and development. The construction of China also led to India’s worry, India this is actually a kind of provocation.
“This cross-border act in India is an attitude to China. In fact, the area is very narrow and the regiment can not be deployed.”. China’s development is becoming stronger and stronger. Especially after the Qinghai Tibet railway was opened, the life and transportation of the border areas have been greatly improved. In fact, it is a potential pressure for India.” Zhu Heping expresses.
On July 3rd, the spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs, Geng Shuang, said at a regular press conference that “the cave Lang region has always belonged to China and has always been under the effective jurisdiction of China, and there is no dispute over it.”. The Indian side in order to cover up the Indian army cross the border illegally, to distort the facts, even at the expense of Bhutan’s sovereign damage, it is futile trying to confuse right and wrong.
General Zhu Heping said the border between China and Sikkim was not disputed. Long hole area because of the strategic position is very important, the narrow zone between the guards in the east of India in India. Previously, the region was quieter, mainly because Sikkim was an independent state, and the region had nothing to do with India. Because the boundary of the dispute, so cross-border behavior, India is not the point.
What is the result of the confrontation between India and the Chinese military in the cave Lang region? “How many cars do you have on the border and how many soldiers can you stop the pace of China’s development?” Zhu Heping said Can it stop the pace of China’s border construction? Cannot stop. The strength of China’s armed forces has increased, and the gap between India and India has become increasingly large. The provocative behavior in China is actually “small action”, which can not affect the overall situation and can not play any role.”

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